Art Meets Life

SEIBU Shibuya opened about 50 years ago from now.
Since 1968, the SEIBU Shibuya store has pursued innovation and built Shibuya into a city of new creative culture.
We were the first to work on sending Japanese designers to the world and discovering young artists. We have attracted the attention of Japan as a source of creative information.
The timeless concept of “Art Meets Life” started from the SEIBU Shibuya store. We believe that it is the fusion of art that gives creative inspiration to one’s everyday life. Based on such concept, we have renovated the store floor and installed the light pillar, “Art Gate”, and continue to host activities such as the advanced art events.

Step foot into our store, and you’ll feel the uniqueness of SEIBU Shibuya—the style of “Art Meets Life”.

Why not feel the art and creativity of Shibuya here?

Bringing modern sense into everyday life. “Art Meets Life”, is a concept that SEIBU Shibuya incorporates in their business.
SEIBU Shibuya, which always has pursued innovation, is further reinforcing the development of art that provides life with creative stimulus.

Specific art activities that have recently taken place include: “Shibuya Style” and “Contemporary Chanoyu”, the development of “art enlightenment activities” for customers to implement culture and art into one’s life, “Art Fair Tokyo” that is held annually at the Tokyo International Forum, photographs of ethnic minorities and indigenous people by photographer Nagi Yoshida, three-dimensional goldfish art made from acrylic resin by artist Riusuke Fukahori, exhibitions by up-and-coming Japanese-style painter Hiroko Otake. Exhibitions, such as those previously mentioned, follow an "full-promotion-concept", that aims to edit and incorporate the artworks throughout the entire building.

Exhibitions of up-and-coming artists that have been featured in the “full-promotion-concept” isn't only displayed at SEIBU Shibuya, but also featured at each of the Sogo and SEIBU stores. This modern concept of “Art Meets Life” continuously attracts many customers to SEIBU Shibuya.