About SEIBU Shibuya

Leading Japan’s fashion and culture, Shibuya is known to symbolize the image of Tokyo, and the scramble intersection gives us a feel of Tokyo’s liveliness.
When untangling the history of Shibuya, Shibuya was a rural district outside of Edo until the Edo period. Thereafter, a samurai residence was built on top of a hill, a merchant’s house was placed in Miyamasuzaka and Moto-hiroo, making it a multifaceted farming village with rice paddies spread out in the lowlands. With the population increase, rice paddies were transformed into land for housing and the town gradually formed.
Japan Railway's "Shibuya Station" was born in 1885, the same time Shibuya was going through development. Ever since, the railway line has extended, and gained momentum as a terminal station.
With the growth in convenience of Shibuya, new skyscrapers, commercial facilities, and universities were opened in order to attract many people especially the young.
“SEIBU Shibuya” took lead and opened in 1968. Our history has exceeded half a century.
Since opening, we have been in the pursuit of innovation, creating Shibuya into a new city with creative culture.

Opening in 1968, “SEIBU Shibuya, introduced many foreign brands such as Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent. In addition, we have promoted many Japanese designers also known as “DC Brands” to the world and created the legendary select shop boutique “Capsule”. With much venture, information from “SEIBU Shibuya” has gained attention within Japan.

Additionally, we have established Seed Building, Movida Building’s antecedent in 1986. Later we set up a sector for collaboration with up-and-coming designers outside of Japan. In the following year of 1987, we installed the Loft Building for household goods which has now expanded nationwide. We have also strengthened the sale and exhibition of projects related to contemporary art from the 80s. These artists are not of traditional art nor famous, but are excavated young artists that fit a certain era.

“SEIBU Shibuya” plans to guide many to Shibuya, and to continue to create a flow of people.